Don’t let your cheer or dance bows take a bow!

BOW BOXES keep your bows safe and looking like new for competition. Each BOW BOX is made from a durable, see-through, 100% recycled plastic so you can easily see which bow you’re bringing along. Use the included lanyard to attach your BOW BOX to your cheer or dance bag or and take it everywhere you go!  Your bows stay protected and you look great.

Cheerleading and dance are both demanding sports.  It’s tough on you, and it’s even tougher on your gear. Have you ever pulled out your custom bow only to find it wrinkled and torn, or the rhinestones and sequins falling off?  Are you tired of wearing your favorite bows once and then needing to replace them?  Put your bows in a BOW BOX and you can safely take them or store them anywhere!